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 How Can We Write Shayari in Hindi

Shayari writing is an awesome art which is found in very less people. Shayari helps to express someone's feeling in few catching lines. These lines can only come on paper when you feel it from your heart. So, basically you should be mutually attached with the feeling while writing shayaris.

I have personally written some shayari on Love Shayari for GirlfriendEmotional Shayari and many more. So, today I will be telling you how you can write heart-touching and mind-blowing shayaris. 

Before getting started with, let's just look at the definition of shayari. And know what actually shayari means.

What is Shayari

Short Urdu poetry is called Shayri. It generally comprises of a couple of lines(couplet) known as " sher ".

What is shayari

 But in my opinion shayari has different meaning.

I think shayari is expression of feelings of heart through poem. It is used to express your thoughts and feelings using statements of real life. It’s one of the best way to express your emotions. 

So, basically shayari is a way to express our emotions and feelings in such a way that it reaches to the heart of other people.

Forms of Shayari 

In Urdu, we have some formats in which we can write shayari. These are mentioned below -

  1. Sher -  A Couplet
  2. Gazal -  collection of Sher in a rhyming order.
  3. Nazm -  A Poem with similar meaning ( i.e. group of ghazal )
  4. Hamd
  5. siya
  6. Masnavi
  7. Na'at
  8. Tazkira, etc.

Some Famous Shayar -

Galib, Gulzar , John Elia , Faiz, Firaak , Saahir , Javed Akhter, wasim badra , wasim Barelvi , Munnavar Rana , Rahat indori , etc.

Before you start writing, you should have a brief idea about what a good shayari has ? I simply means to say that the requirements or things on grounds of which a shayari is categorised as good shayari. 

Qualities of Awesome Shayari 

Things which a shayari needs in order to be called a good shayari are :

Topic selection - Choose a topic about which you want to write.

[ Tip :  Choose according to your emotions which you are feeling inside your heart. ] 

Message - Include a message in it in order to make it more fruitful.

[ Tip : Core message of the shayari lies in last line mainly. ]

romantic shayari for girlfriend

Word selection - Choose suitable and few catchy words.

Make it to connect - Include something which people can connect with them. Like some ground reality or experience that most of the common people go through.

Select Rhyme - It should have perfect rhyme (Qafiya), whole shayari should be musical.

Now let's just discuss on the topic for which you guys are here.

How to Write a Shayari

How to write shayari in Hindi

See, Writing shayari is not a cup of tea. It requires time. So, don't get disappointed if your first shayari is not good. 

Shayari writing skills comes eventually with persistent practice. No one can teach you the exact way. You have to try and learn.

As you guys have seen the qualities of good shayari. So, let's just see what a shayari includes.

First and Second line (Misra) - First misra is its base while second is the core you want to present like your opinion, feelings or message this line should be more catchy. (Like in comedy first part is fact and second part is punchline)

Flow of shayari - Write first misra then speak/sing it several times then make second misra on same flow. 

( This is the best way to get a shayari in your mind. So, use this step multiple times to get a good shayari. )

Rhyming : Try to make rhythmic shayaris first like —

 सुबह होती है अंधेरा दूर हो जाता है,

मेरा यार आता है तो नूर हो जाता है. 

You can see rythm at the end of both lines, so you can write these type of shayari.

Tips to write a Good Shayari

Tips to write shayari

There are 3 simple tips to write a good shayari. These tips will help you get a good shayari in your mind. So, utilise it properly inorder to become a good shayarivilla.

  1. Vocabulary : First read more and more shayari, so that you can find new words to include in your shayari. Moreover, Reading will help you get the required perception when one reads it. 
  2. Learn the basics : Since the era of Mir and Ghalib, Urdu poetry has been written in it’s standard meters. 
  3. Feedback from other Poets: Get feedback from expert poets around you. If you don’t get one, feel free to comment below. I will read it and point out the areas which need improvement.

 Ending Lines

So that's all for today. If you want read this post on " How to write shayari " in hindi, then you can use Google translate tool. Enjoy your day guys 🤗.

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