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How to be confident

How to be confident


    Hello Friends, In today's article I am going to give you the main points or you can say the summary of the book " Anti Fragile" by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. So let's start with a little questions; If I keep a box in front of you in which its written Fragile, Handle it with care and ask you what goods and stuff can be inside it? As you all know Fragile means something delicate. As per that, you will say that it must be glassware or any content related to glass or an electronic items or Anything that can breakdown quickly due to pressure or stress which is true.

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    Now, I keep a box in front of you in which it is written Anti-Fragile which means opposite of Fragile and again I ask you the possibilities of goods inside it, Then what will be your answer? Most of the people will say, "anything which is very strong which will not break easily even after putting lot of presuure anything related to steel or metal or any iron object," Right? But the answer is wrong because it's like you are saying the opposite of negative is neutral which is wrong. Reason the opposite of negative is positive. 

    Similarly, the opposite of Fragile goods will not be something which is very strong or it will not break easily. Instead, it will be the more you try to break it the more you give pressure and stress on it. The more it becomes strong.

    What does Anti-fragile mean ? - The Easiest way to get  Ultimate Confidence

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    First of all, let me explain you what actually Anti-fragile means.
    Anti-Fragile is something which is not affected by any kind of stressors, Rather have Benefit. Here Stressors are Blow, Pressure, Variability, Volatility, stress, Randomness, Confusion, Disorder Error, Chaos, Turmoil or anything which is not good for Fragile things.

    Now, you must be thinking which are the things that grows instead of getting affected by these stressors. Then the answer for this is " YOU". The more precisely if I say then its Human body. Now think, when a person goes to Gym, what he/she does? The person gives different types of stresses and pressures to their body. Due to which, after sometime their body become more strong. Similarly, there are many things which are Anti-Fragile. Like, All biological species Ideas Politics Culture System Evolution etc.

    Anti - Fragile Principle

    Why To become Anti - Fragile ? / Why Stressors and Pressures are important ?

    I am saying all this to you because here Author says,"If we want to grow and develop ourselves, to get benefit and to get a true success, then it is important to have stressors in our lives." Because stressors will help us to become Anti-Fragile. Due to its absence, we will become Fragile.

    For Example Think one side is a Rich man who doesn't have any stress or pressure. He doesn't have to do any kind of work. He just sits at home,spend entire day relaxing and eating. On the other hand, there is a poor man whose life is difficult and his life is filled with mental and physical stressors and pressures. He deals with them, with all his courage. Now, you tell me who will be more stronger, mentally and physically? Clearly the poor man. Because he faced all his stressors and pressures which made him stronger.

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    Similarly ,we can see that the villagers are still stronger even after getting aged compare to the young town's folk. These things tells us more the stressors, more will be the long term benefits.

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    This principle is also useful for other aspects of life and areas. Like for medication:- Hormesis is one of the medical procedure In which patient is give small dose of Toxic Material. As a result of which patient recovers and gets immune. Vaccination and Allergic medicine somehow works on these principles. For vaccination, Doctor injects some of the Pathogens of the disease in our body. To which our immunity system fights and become stronger and recovers from the disease.
    If I give example on other perspective, Then the books which gets banned, people read those book much more and compare to the others. And banned books become more popular. There are many other things, which we feel are affecting us and other stuffs. But actually those things are more beneficial.

    how to gain confidence

    Now, we all understood that stressors is beneficiary for us. But to get advantage from it : There is need of an important condition which we call as Recovery. 
    For Example, If we do gym as per our limit and relax our body after the workouts then the fiber and muscles break. Due to exercise will get replace by the new and the stronger ones. But if we continuously exercise without relaxing and giving a recovery time then it will damage our body. Similarly, for any stressors recovery time is very important.

    Recovery time

    Our biggest problem is:- Now a days, we all are running behind the fragile things which we call a comfortable life. We are trying to make things as predictable as possible. Means, Everything just need to be the way we want. Now having such Thinking is like asking for 12 months in a year to be alike, neither to hot nor to cold, same temperature with no changes. Thinking this way is little stupid because even if it happens, it will not benefit us. We will be bored in our lives and will become Emotionally Fragile.
    For Example; suppose there is a man who reaches home exactly at 7 pm, not a minute sooner or a minute later. He is so punctual about his time that his family members can set their watch time by seeing him. Now such person comes 10 minutes late at home. Those 10 minutes will give heart attack to the family members. This will happen because we human become weak and Fragile without some randomness.

    Why travelers enjoy their life?

    Because their live is full of stressors and randomness. Similarly, Gamblers enjoy because they do not know, what will happen next in their life? This unpredictability gives them a lot of pleasure. Likewise; even in our lives there is a need to be little randomness. Otherwise we will be like a fragile Robot, who in reality doesn't know, what exactly life is.

    Easiest way to gain CONFIDENCE | Application Of Anti - Fragile Principal

    Anti-Fragile principle is also applied for confidence - means true confidence will not come in you, when everything what happens with you is positive or good. But the true confidence will come, when most of the time bad and negative things happens to you. Still it doesn't affect you.

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    I know, nobody likes negative experience in their lives.
    But in reality those negative experience helps us more to grow.


    Let's understand it again  with an example, Suppose you went on a stage to give a speech. You delivered a wonderful speech people love your speech so much that they start giving wonderful comments to you. They praised you. You will feel that you have that confidence in you, which is true.

     You have build confidence but that will not be the true confidence. Instead the true confidence will be when you go to the stage and deliver your speech people laugh at you. They start making fun of you but still all these things should not affect you. Again you go to the stage with lot more confidence in you. When you become like this, then that will be your true confidence. And to get more confidence there will be only one way, to go on stage again and again. And to deliver the speech. No matter how uncomfortable you feel. To put ourselves in to negative situation and into the things we are afraid about will build more confidence. And slowly it will make you Anti-fragile.


    If you ask me in one line that how one can gain CONFIDENCE / Which is the easiest way to gain CONFIDENCE? If will simply say ," Become Anti - Fragile ". To understand about it read the article. I have explained everythings with examples in this article.

    Video Explaination

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    Ending  Lines

    This ideas I have shared with you all is from the book "Anti-Fragile" which told us how we can grow in our lives by becoming Anti-Fragile. If you find these ideas useful then do comment your experiences which made you Anti-fragile. Do share this article with your friends and family. Don't forget to follow my blog by your email. I will share more useful knowledge with you all.

    Finally,     Thanks for watching.!!

    Bonus Tips

    After becoming Anti - Fragile, you will become confident. But confidence also comes when you have the vision to see the problems as small . That is you can easily solve this problems. This vision will come in you only if  you become funny. As know smile  decreases our tension and smiling even in hard time is important.

    So tip Number (1)  -   You should be Funny. To know how to become funny, read our article on - "How to be funny Book | Develop your personality".

    Moreover in some situations when everyone turns against of you. Only confidence or Only making fun will not help you. You need a strong and deadly weapon which can defeat this problem.

    So here is our tip Number (2)  -   You must know how to influence people and win their hearts. In order to develop this skill you don't have to roam here and there. Or surf the whole internet you can get this knowledge here itself in our blog. We have an article on "How to win friends and influence people in this digital age" which you can read to get this knowledge.

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