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All for One and One for All

Hey everyone,  Today I'm gonna talk about the 2 most powerful quirks existing in My Hero Academia fandom, Which are One For All & All For One. So My Hero Academia is one of the best shounen anime, whose fandom is spreading all around the world. 
Not only anime but the manga also is one of the most best-selling manga in Japan which is popular in all over the world as well What can I say further, there's no one who don't know "My Hero Academia". So without further delay let's start.

all for one and one for all

    Short Introduction 

    There are many quirks appeared in My Hero Academia. But the most supreme quirks are One For All & All For One. That if any quirk used for good purpose makes him a "Messiah" or "saver". 

    On other hand if any quirk used for evil purpose, then there's no one that can stand before him. That is what defines that facing either one of them is worthless. We get to know "One For All" in the first place, so let's talk about it.

    all for one my hero academia

    One for All 

    One for All

    One for All is created by two individual quirks One that enhances the stored power, and other to transfer the power to another. So, One For All is a product of these both quirks And because this quirk is transferred from one person to another, it got it's name "One For All" Means One quirk for all. 
    Hence, One for All is a precious possessing which is passed on next generation. So the question now is "How to pass on this power ?". 
    So just as I said earlier, One For is a transferable quirk which is passed on from one predecessor to successor i.e. From one person to another. For transferring One For All, the DNA is required.

    The current user of One For All need to let his successor ingest his DNA means the successor need to ingest any part of the predecessor to get the DNA itself being ingest, Let it be a strand of hair, blood, nails or anything. So even if One For All is a transferrable quirk, one cannot forcefully own it without the will of the predecessor. 
    Means no one can forcefully steal "One For All". One more special fact about One For All is that the body appearance of the user changes as the power utilisation changes. 
    Like the change of srimp like All Might into a muscular man, The visible nerves and a green static charge appearing on Deku's body. Means the power usage of One For All also displays through the physical appearance. And because One For All works at close range, user's strength and physical state is necessary. Or you'll end up get beaten ! 

    all for one quirk

    One more thing should be noted that while One For All is being granted by the successor, the predecessor doesn't simply copy-paste the quirk. He/She directly pass on the quirk Just like All Might who passed his quirk to Young Midoriya. And All Might being the previous consumer of One For All is running out of his quirk. But still it's too early to run out of One For All. 
    All Might still have the remaining amount of One For All. But as the limited amount being used against stronger opponents, the quirk rapidly fades away. Just as we've seen in Season 3, as All Might fought with All For One and uses his full power, that fight resulted into the last fight that All Might fought. 

    all might vs all for one

    Afterwards All Might is mostly seen in his normal shrimp like form. So when One For All is being passed on, the successor isn't ready to accept it perfectly. That's why the stronger Physical state of user is compulsory since One For All is too much stronger quirk, if the user lose control over it. Then the user's body may badly injure.

    We have seen Midoriya getting injured most of the times during the UA sports festival for avoiding this All Might have already trained Young Midoriya but all went in vain and... One more strange incident occurred when Midoriya fought against Hitoshi Sinsou Hitoshi's quirk is brain washing, where he can indirectly control opponent's mind. 
    And Midoriya too gets trapped in his bait. But Midoriya observers something more strange when Midoriya falls for Hitoshi's bait, he feels the presence of some people and Midoriya soon gets out from the control of Hitoshi. 

    According to Midoriya, One For All is a sacred torch keep passing on to the next generations and it carries the wills of the predecessors being a precious possessing which Midoriya felt during his fight still it's a mystery. And we don't have any idea about it further. Well the manga has shown some incidences regarding it that we'll be seeing in anime further. So this is all about "One For All".

    All for One 

    All for One

    And the quirk I'm going to explain now is something that is very important to imagine. All for One,  A quirk that gave birth to One For All. That quirk is nothing but "All For One" !  And for knowing "One For All" and it's relation, we gotta know about All For One.


    Long ago, there used to be two brothers. The elder brother had a quirk that can steal other's quirk and can store a quirk by donating it to others. That quirk was "All For One". On the other hand, the younger brother was quirkless since birth. So the elder brother transferred the stolen quirks to his younger brother. The quirk that the elder pased on to his younger was a quirk that can stockpile power. Suddenly one day the younger brother find an individual quick residing in himself, Which was not the artificial stolen quirk, but the quirk aquired by younger brother himself. So now the quirkless brother has his own quirk, which has the power to transfer quirk to other. And by combining both the quirks a new quirk was born - "One For All".

    So just as I told you earlier, One For All is a product of two different quirks one that stores the power and other which passes it on. On the other hand, the elder brother keep stealing the quirks. So the elder brother stole many quirks and make them all quirkless. And soon he became a major threat to Japan.  
    All he have to do is touch the opponent to steal their quirks. Only a single touch and opponent becomes quirkless. 
    And for transferring quirk, vice versa. After transferring of quirk, the user can functionalise the quirk at an extend. But not everyone can handle the quirk granted by All For One. 
    Rarely in these cases there are some people who have their own quirk residing in themselves who combines the quirk obtained by All For One to the quirk residing themselves to create a variant quirk like "One For All" And people who can't handle the quirks becomes "mindless dolls" who don't remains developed brain and sense who only follows the order, just like Nomu. 
    We have seen the brutal strength of Nomu, even All Might was exhausted while fighting with Nomu to create more powerful quirks via All For One, multiple quirks can be combined. But there is a limitation that All For One can only steal quirks which he could handle but some complex quirks, different from the elemental quirks and which requires practice to expert them. All For One doesn't steals them So facing All For One could lead you quirkless and even you could lose your life and that's the reason.

    All For One become the most powerful villain of the history and somewhere the younger brother too couldn't stop his elder brother. So he decided his quirk to pass on through the generations and the 8th successor All Might leveled up the quirk and become the #1 Hero known as "Symbol Of Peace", "Embodiment of Justice" and stability in the aftermath of the chaos that All for One created in the past. 
    Just like iron can be taken down by another iron And "One For All" is the biggest weakness of "All For One". So All For One has stolen a quirk that granted him agelessness, and he kept dominating weaklings for ages. But "One For All" is the only quirk he can't steal forcefully, since it depends on user's will, this is the reason All Might being the biggest obstacle in the life of All For One. 
    On account of it, he created the villains league lead by Shigaraki Tomura and he wants Tomura to be his successor of All For All. And he wants him to erase the user of "One For All", who had been the symbol of peace and as we've seen All Might using One For All's remaining power at an extremely larger and destructive scale. And defeats All For One. So the 9th holder of One For All is Izuku Midoriya.

    my hero academia all for one

    And his own past was tragic living such a harsh and hopeless life won't make him give up. According to the manga, there are some new unknown quirks residing in Midoriya which are yet to be shown and along with One For All, there are some other unknown quirks appearing. 
    So what it would be/would not be, we would be knowing soon in the anime.
    So this was One For All & All For One explained by me. Where I have explained the relation of both of the quirks.

    Meaning Of One for All And All For one with reference of Boku no hero

    In the context of boku no hero, There is an additional meaning to these two names :

    One for All refers to the fact that one quirk can be passed on to multiple people and the goal of this quirk is to help others.
    All for One refers to the fact that multiple quirks can be stolen and united into one person and that person can then use them for their own.

    one for all and all for one

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    Ending Lines :

    Now, we can see that even the next generation of villains and heroes is directly influenced by these two works One for All and All for One. I think that this creates a fascinating dynamic a really interesting duality and I'm excited to see how this conflict will continue to play out in the future.
    Let me know what you guys think, which quark would you rather have all for one or one for all and which quark do you think will ultimately prevail. Give me your thoughts down in the comments. 
    And that's all for today. We hope that you would have loved reading our Articles.


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    I hope that having all of that info here in one place will be useful to you and if you like this type of content you can let me know in the comment section below !!

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